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Our vision

Having a clean working environment is your welcome message to the business, you are acting in. A clean floor or office is an invitation to each customer; hygiene and safety are crucial. It goes without saying that you want to use products for these purposes, being effective, safe, easy to use and acceptable in price.

A conscious choice
By choosing a particular cleaning product or detergent, professional users and consumers are increasingly looking at the extent to which humans and the environment are being affected. The issue is not only a cleaner environment but also to a cleaner future. Detergent manufacturers must seriously consider to comply to this additional requirement.

As ‘Ricca Clean Nederland BV’, we are humanly and environmentally aware of this and offer with carefully selected partners a total cleaning concept. Our partners are, like us, convinced of the need for innovation and committed to social values such as sustainability, fair production & trade and a cleaner environment.

We make these choices consciously, as well as our customers. Their immediate needs are translated into better products meeting these values. Listen to the market and customer satisfaction are our key objectives. Cleaning is the starting point. The human and environmental sustainability is a must. For now and in the future. For ourselves and our children.

The brand ProfiBright reflects our thoughts. A product of traditional Dutch heritage. Being developed in the beautiful Netherlands and available at the Dutch market since the 70s. Originally developed for water treatment companies and the Dutch Police & Fire departments; At our request further developed, according to our goals and values.

ProfiBright is highly biodegradable, leaves no soap residue behind, and backs surfaces to their original state. And above all, it is safe for humans and the environment. There is a complete product line available for the (heavy) industry , but also for easier work in schools and the hospitality industry; with our flag ship Profi6, being approved for usage in the food industry by well-known research centre TNO.

When used properly, the products of ProfiBright made the floors anti-static and the natural grip restored. This because SOAP residue and other debris are adequately resolved and through sufficient water be drained. This cleaning process is the safety of people and supports the health security policy within your company.

Convenience and efficiency
Under the motto: "with the right resources cleaning, the work already half off", ProfiBright sure the other half also is handled quickly and well. Thanks to the ' total cleaning ' concept of ProfiBright you do your body does not (over). By the chemistry of the product simply let it soak on the surface to be treated is the dirt, by intense deep cleansing, encapsulated. By using the right cleaning systems and water as a transport medium, the dirt simply drained from the surface.

The intensive operation of the ProfiBright products, as well as the use of the advanced cleaning systems of our business partners, will save you considerable time when cleaning and provides you with the best cleaning result.

Would you like to know more about our products and/or partners? You can contact us via the contact form.

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